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Chickasaw Gardens Information

Chickasaw Gardens is one of the most historic and desirable neighborhoods in Memphis, and enjoys a premier location in the heart of the city. Featuring beautiful streetscapes, a mature canopy of trees, vast common areas, and attractive homes with a wide variety of classic architectural styles, the neighborhood is both a home and retreat for its residents.

Residents of Chickasaw Gardens enjoy one of the most beautiful, secure, cohesive, family-friendly, and enjoyable neighborhoods in the city. Residents enjoy the acquaintance, if not the actual friendship, of their neighbors. Every resident is a member of Chickasaw Gardens Homeowners Association, which maintains an ongoing commitment to the preservation of the integrity and unique characteristics of this wonderful neighborhood.

Bounded by Central and Poplar Avenues, Chickasaw Gardens is centrally located near numerous commercial and cultural amenities, including the Pink Palace Museum and Planetarium, the Central Public Library, the University of Memphis, Christian Brothers University, as well as the Mid-South Fairgrounds and Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium.

Chickasaw Gardens History

Chickasaw Gardens is located on land that was originally part of the estate of Clarence Saunders, the Memphis inventor of the self-service grocery store. Beloved features of the neighborhood are numerous park-like common areas including the Chickasaw Gardens lake, Cypress Creek, and the Cherry Orchard, which were all originally constructed as part of Saunders’ elaborate estate garden. Saunders lost his fortune in 1923, and the property was later sold to forward-thinking developers who envisioned a beautiful and unique residential community.

Most of the streets in Chickasaw Gardens are named after different native American tribes – Catawba Lane, Iroquois Road, Chickasaw Parkway, and Natchez Lane.

The vision of the original developers has been achieved and maintained through the years by the ongoing efforts of an active and engaged Homeowners Association, focused on the quality and community that make the neighborhood so unique.

Chickasaw Gardens Annual Meeting

June 7, 2023

6:30 pm

Memphis Country Club

Just A Reminder

2023 Association Dues are now due and payable.

Please mail your check for $950, payable to Chickasaw Gardens Homeowners Association, to :


Stiles Advisors, PLLC

747 E. Brookhaven Circle

Memphis, TN 38117

Ed Beasley, Chairman

Lon Magness, Treasurer

Lane Whitehead, Secretary

Boyd Wade, Security

Kenny Jabbour, Security

Tommy Farnsworth

Jim Raines

Robert Gooch

Mark McClure

Bill Nixon, Architect Plan Review

Ellie Mascioli, Architect Plan Review

Brett Norman

Corrie Metcalf

Sue Clark

Patrick Sala

Harris Jordan 

Findley Frazer

Newsletter Editor - Jennifer Russell

Resident Directory - Jeannie Evans

Chickasaw GreenTrees 501(c)(3) - Margaret Apple

Chickasaw Connection - Chavanne McDonald

New Resident Welcoming - Lauren Hill

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