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General Information

Speed Limit

For the safety of all neighbors, children, guests and pets, responsible driving is key.  The responsibility starts with us.  Posting speed limits is the responsibility of the City of Memphis, but the Trustees and Board ask that we observe a speed limit of 15 mph on all neighborhood streets at all times of day.  PLEASE OBSERVE THESE LIMITS AND PLEASE OBEY STOP SIGNS.  

Commercial Activity

Garage and yard sales, as well as other retail endeavors, are specifically prohibited by the neighborhood deed restrictions.

Contractor Hours

As a courtesy to our neighbors, work hours for all contractors, including yard and tree maintenance contractors, are  limited to the hours below.  It is the resident's responsibility to supervise and inform all contractors.  

7:00am - 7:00 pm on weekdays

7:00am - 4:00 pm on Saturday

Work by contractors prohibited on Sundays and Federal Holidays.


Pets are welcome, but in consideration of all neighbors, pet owners should observe the City of Memphis leash ordinance at all times, and any pet waste should be disposed of immediately by the pet owner.   Unknown or unrestrained animals can be reported to Memphis Animal Services at (901) 636-1416.

Chickasaw Gardens Lake

Fishing or swimming in the lake is NOT permitted under any circumstances, at any time.

Children's Playground Equipment

Playground equipment is limited to the back yard of residences.  No swing sets or other permanent structures are permitted in front yards, except for tree swings.

Yard Signs

Signs or advertising of any kind are prohibited by the original neighborhood deed restrictions - including real estate, construction, political, or other signs 

Yard Maintenance

The proper upkeep of front and rear yards is a hallmark of Chickasaw Gardens.   Grass should be mowed regularly, leaves raked, flower beds maintained, and weeds kept under control.

Storm Water Drains

To maintain adequate drainage, please ensure that yard waste is not deposited into, or located near, storm water drains in streets.  Grass clippings should not be blown into drains.  Please notify your yard maintenance contractors of this responsibility.

Streetlight Outage

For tall city streetlights, please report the number displayed on the light pole by calling MLGW at (901)820-7878, or you can visit  The smaller "Indian Head” lamp posts throughout the neighborhood are checked and serviced periodically by the association.

Trash Collection

Garbage and household refuse, including containerized recycling, is collected by the City at the curb on Thursdays, subject to certain holiday schedules.  Trash and recycling containers should remain on curb for the shortest time possible.  Collection of yard waste is more limited and is conducted according to the policies of the City of Memphis General Services Division.  The contact number for City of Memphis Solid Waste Management Department is (901) 576-6851.

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